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It's time to take back your love life from the hurt and pain you experienced at the hands of someone who couldn't love you like you deserve to be loved.

It's time you start saying "yes" to the love you truly desire.


Getting back out there is hard. I get it. Trusting again is hard. I get it. You don't want to be hurt, embarrassed, shamed, or let down again. I get it!

Walk with me for 6 weeks through a journey that will help you dump the pain and regain your confidence to welcome love again.

This time, you won't be doing it alone or without the wisdom you need to navigate the inevitable challenges that arise when dating.

This time, you'll be dating from a healed, hopeful, and healthy place with strategy!

Christian Date Coaching Services

The Outline:

  • Week 1:​ Re-establish Your Beliefs

  • Week 2: Realign Your Desires

  • Week 3: Reimagine Love

  • Week 4: Retrace Your Steps

  • Week 5: Reclaim Your Faith

  • Week 6: Rededicate Your Heart

  • Bonus Session 1: Reconnect with You

  • Bonus Session 2: Recommit to Dating

What you get!

  • Scripture-based content

  • Prayer

  • 6 LIVE coaching sessions

  • Workbook

    • Exercises for each of the 6 sessions

    • Exercises for the 2 bonus sessions

  • Weekly check-ins/exercise review

  • Peer support and accountability

  • Additional Resources

    • Topics: Confidence Builder, Managing Rejection, Conversation​ Starters, and more!

    • Dating journal to support your journey forward!

FTFL is for single, Christian women who...

  • Desire love/marriage

  • Are serious and willing to devote the time and intentionality to get the most from the journey

  • Feel burned by love after experiencing heartbreak, betrayal, or disappointment

  • Doubts their potential for success in love

  • Have done some work to heal from their love injury but still question if love is for them or if they’ll ever truly have the love they desire

  • Feel a sense of doubt, fear, mistrust, faithlessness, or insecurity when it comes to love/dating

It's time to...

  • Shift your beliefs about dating, love, and relationships

  • Gain a new perspective on your past experiences

  • Build your confidence and courage to date again

  • Understand who you are and who makes a suitable partner for you

  • Prepare and position yourself for the success you desire in love

  • Get back out there and open yourself up to the possibilities that love has to offer

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