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Christian Dating Coach Services

A better love life starts with one decision...

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Dating Coach
Christian Dating Coach
Dating Coach
Dating Coach
Serious Date Coaching Services for Professional Men
Christian Dating Coach for Professional Women

Prioritize your love life, while navigating your busy lifestyle, without sacrificing your career ambitions and goals.

Prioritize safety and authenticity in your dating life.

Find genuine, meaningful connections with people who are aligned with your faith, values, and goals.

Learn essential dating and relationship skills to improve your overall dating experiences.

Get back out there with confidence and support after healing from a breakup, divorce, or toxic situation.​

Is this your to-do list?

It's time to


You've been waiting long enough. Now, it's time to prepare. Healing your past relationship wounds, learning essential dating and relationship skills, and charging your faith for the love God has for you comes next.

Imagine God sending you the person you've been praying for right now in this moment. Have you done the work to navigate your stuff? Do you have a grip on the fundamental tools that will help you sustain the marriage you so badly desire? Will your current level of faith even allow you to believe that you deserve this love that's being presented to you?

Don't miss what God has for you! Prepare today and enjoy your promise when the appointed time has come. Don't allow a lack of preparation, skill, and faith to cost you forever.

Dating Coach for marriage-minded Christian singles
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Date Coaching Services for Professional Christian Singles
Relationship Coaching for Christian couples
Date Coaching Services for Professional Christian Singles






How it works

Dating Coach for women who want to get married.



The first step of the process is to prepare you for the love and relationship you desire.


Whether we begin with letting go of residue from past relationships or dismantling limiting beliefs, you will be well on your way to confidently navigating the complexities of dating.


Our date coaching services are designed to equip you with the skills and mindset you need to succeed in your search for love.

Through personalized exercises and guidance from a certified coach, you will overcome challenges, uncover your strengths, clarify your goals, and boost your confidence to approach dating with authenticity through faith.

The dating world can be challenging, but with the support of an experienced dating professional, you will develop the necessary skills to navigate the ups and downs of dating and relationships more effectively.

Date Coaching Services



With strategic planning and goal setting, we will help you create a roadmap for your dating journey, ensuring that each step brings you closer to finding the relationship you deserve.

Our mission is to help you learn the necessary skills that will allow you to build, maintain, and nurture a healthy relationship from the beginning.

During this phase, we will explore topics to include: trust, communication, boundaries, fears, intimacy, pride, and more!

Your confidence to engage with new potential partners will increase as you learn, develop, and hone these skills, equipping yourself with the advantage over any obstacle that would try to present itself along your journey.

Our proprietary exercises and unique collaborative 1:1 sessions will help you fully embrace your vision for the relationship you desire.

Don't settle for anything less than the love God has for you. Maintain your values and exercise faith to believe God for a love that surpasses your understanding and exceeds your imagination.



We support you in clarifying your identity and ideal partner avatar so that you can find connections with those who resonate with your deepest convictions, share your faith, and identify with who you are at the core.


We support your growth throughout the journey and your quest to make new meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

We also understand that finding love is just the beginning of your journey. In addition to our date coaching services, we offer relationship coaching to provide guidance and support throughout the partnering process and beyond.

In either phase, we will provide invaluable relationship insights and dating advice as you navigate the complexities of forming and maintaining connections.


Whether you are unsure of how to approach a potential partner or you need assistance overcoming challenges at any stage of a relationship, we are here to lend a listening ear and offer practical solutions as you implement the skills learned throughout your journey.

We will help you build a strong foundation for a lasting and fulfilling relationship and serve as your source of support as you enjoy the love you deserve.

Relationship Coaching for married Christian couples
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