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Our Dating Favorites

Lauren Sanders - Dating for the Soul_edited.jpg

by Lauren Sanders

Dating for the Soul is a publication dedicated to providing singles endless relationship advice, dating tips, and love inspiration. Their mission is to help singles find peace and purpose while navigating the crazy world of dating. The quest for love can be draining. It also truly takes a toll on hearts and oftentimes discourages singles from moving forward. However, Dating for the Soul's purpose is to provide encouragement, support, and ammo for the journey.

The Emerging Adult - Shauntia Dyson.jpeg

by Shauntia Dyson

Adulting comes with a variety of ups, and downs, joy, and sorrow. The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a difficult one. With that being said, The Emerging Adult was created specifically with millennials in mind. With topics ranging from love, celibacy, and everything in between, Tia created this site to show the growing pains of adulthood. Whether the experience is positive or negative, they all prove to be great learning lessons.  Here, she'll share her personal experiences, and what she's learned so far on her adulting journey, as well as provide information and tips from other millennials! 

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