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4 Major Benefits of Hiring a Matchmaker

Your curiosity may have been piqued if you've ever heard of the process of matchmaking but you might be wondering what the benefits of hiring a matchmaker are. As a matchmaker, there are so many I can name and I'll share some major ones with you here.

1. Save yourself lots of time!

How many unfruitful dates have you been on? How many circular conversations have you had with people who you'd never spend another moment with voluntarily? What could you be doing with the time it takes to swipe through dating app profiles?

If you're interested in dating but you're over the element of wasted time, then you'll do well to hire a matchmaker to do the work for you. I like to say, "outsource the work and receive all the benefits!" The matchmaker will do the vetting, screening, and (many times) the date planning too. You're responsible for showing up as your authentic self, being honest with your matchmaker, doing any suggested "work" on yourself, and showing up to every date as your best self.

2. Find your blind spots!

During your initial contact with your matchmaker, you'll share your dating history as well as any challenges that you may have experienced in the dating world. Your matchmaker will be able to use this information you help you identify any blind spots that might present as barriers to success on your dating journey.

Many times, singles wonder why they aren't experiencing any success in their pursuit of love and it very well may be that they aren't aware of how they show up in the world, how other perceive them, or what they might be communicating in the process. A good matchmaker, who is invested in your success, will help you identify these areas and will offer suggestions on how to overcome them.

3. Better quality dates!

Let's face it, some of the dating apps and the typical spots you visit are crawling with people you'd never agree to a date with, and the few with whom you do happen to form a mutual connection may start off communicating well but then things begin to fizzle out quickly. Your matchmaker will work to vet all of your potential matches before ever presenting them to you to improve the quality of the people you meet and the connections you are able to form. Let's call this a cheat code to dating with success. Less time wasted and more time enjoyed! After all, dating should be fun and exciting, not draining and dreadful.

4. Support!

If we're honest, dating alone is no fun. Even sharing things with your friends gets old sometimes because you're tired of having the same experiences and telling the same stories. Plus, their advice may begin to sound a bit comical after a while, especially if they're also dating and having negative experiences.

Dating with a matchmaker can produce better results even in the form of feeling better supported through the process. You have someone in your corner guiding and supporting you along the way. Feeling supported equals feeling empowered! Feeling empowered equals greater confidence! Greater confidence equals greater success in dating!

Wherever you find yourself in the dating process, I'm sure you've experienced enough unsuccessful dates to know that hiring professional help might be a great idea. I mean, think about it, you get your hair professionally groomed, your car professionally serviced, maybe even your finances professionally managed, and even your food professionally cooked (fine dining included). Why not hire a professional to help you reach your most intimate goal of finding a partner?

If you're ready to stop thinking about it and want to start moving closer to your goal, schedule a consultation or a coaching session with me today. Let's figure out if working together makes sense for you.

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