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What to Think About BEFORE Your Matchmaking Consultation

Have you been thinking that you might want to hire a Matchmaker? Have you searched online for "Matchmakers near me" or some other terms that will produce results of Matchmakers who can service your specific need? Have you decided that you are ready to meet with a Matchmaker to receive support on your dating journey? Have you decided to schedule a consultation with a Matchmaker to discuss their services and how they might be of assistance to you? Or, are you still on the fence about it all?

Hosting Matchmaking consultations for interested singles is a natural part of the work that I do. I have found, however, that while it comes second nature to me at this point to ask the questions that I need answers to, potential clients aren't always prepared to answer those questions, and understandably so. It's a new experience and is typically something that not many people have done before.

I understand that deciding to talk to a Matchmaker can be intimidating and nerve-racking for various reasons. For starters, you may be nervous about Matchmaking services, you may have mixed feelings about inquiring or hiring a Matchmaker, or you may just now know what to expect.

In this blog post, I am going to share what you can expect from a Matchmaking consultation (specifically one with me but generally the process is similar from one Matchmaker to another), and the things you should think about prior to your consultation so that you are prepared to make the best of your time while speaking with your potential future Matchmaker.

What to Expect

1) You should expect to be greeted by the Matchmaker in a polite and professional manner. Though they are the service provider and you are the potential future client, the Matchmaker should greet you with an understanding that the relationship is mutual and not as if they are someone that has something that you want and they just need to know how much you're willing to pay for it.

2) You should expect to be told about the Matchmaker's general process. Most Matchmakers won't inundate you with all the details that go into making matches but they should be able to share with you a general sense of what the process looks like, especially what is expected of you as the client.

3) The Matchmaker should ask you questions to get to know a bit about you as well as your needs and some basic information about the person you are looking to partner with. This will be used to determine if you are a good fit for their business or if they should refer you to someone else.

With that said, don't take offense if a Matchmaker suggests a referral to another service. Many Matchmakers specialize in specific populations or service areas and referrals are made in the best interest of the client.

4) The Matchmaker should give you a chance to ask questions and they should be able to provide direct answers to those questions.

5) The Matchmaker may engage in some sort of practice to determine your readiness for service. This could mean asking you various questions, providing a questionnaire to be completed before the consultation, issuing an assessment, etc.

As previously stated, each consultation may be different but all consultations should serve the same person and that is to introduce you to the business, the provider(s), and the service(s), to gain a better understanding of you and your needs to determine if what you are seeking can be achieved through that agency, and to make a service offer, provide recommendations, or refer you to another service.

What to Think About BEFORE Your Consultation

1) Why you are scheduling the consultation. The Matchmaker will likely ask you what led you to make the decision to meet with them. They may also want to assess your motivation for engaging in services.

2) What your ultimate goal is and what you want to achieve by partnering with a Matchmaker. You should know what you hope to gain from the Matchmaking experience and how you desire for it to impact your dating life.

3) Who you are and who you want to partner with...and WHY. This is something that you may not have the full answer to but you should have some idea of an answer to help the Matchmaker determine if they will be able to service you

A quality Matchmaking experience will help you find clarity through the process. A Matchmaker can provide insight into who a good partner might be for you based on their assessment of you. This insight should provide details about WHY a specific type of person might be a good fit for you. This should allow you to gain clarity for your experience during your Matchmaking journey and, potentially, thereafter (because LET'S BE HONEST - there are no guarantees in Matchmaking and you may walk away from your Matchmaking experience to continue your dating journey on your own but with clarity and direction you didn't have beforehand).

4) Parameters for your search process - deal-breakers, distance, priorities (must-haves), preferences (good-to-haves), blind dates vs photo sharing, etc. All of these details help the Matchmaker determine the potential fit of the relationship between you.

5) BUDGET! Before going into your Matchmaking consultation, you should think about what you are willing to pay to engage in this service. Matchmakers have different pricing structures, and while choosing to hire a professional to improve your love life is an investment, it can be affordable. You just have to find someone who offers the service within your budget...but you first need to know what that is.

Some Matchmakers will ask you what your budget is and others will simply tell you the price for their services. You will need to know if you can pay what they require, if you need to negotiate for a modified package to fit your budget, or if choosing a different Matchmaker is right for you.

Researching the price of Matchmaking services using your favorite search engine or simply asking your favorite virtual assistant, "How much does it cost to hire a Matchmaker" will yield results that can help you determine how much you might need to think about spending. Being sure to detail your search results by specifics such as "Matchmakers in Georgia," "Christian Matchmaker," or "Matchmaking for Millenials" will give you an even more specific answer to that question.

In general, Matchmaking service costs vary and can range from as low as $2-3 thousand dollars to upward of $100,000 depending on your location, your search criteria, the provider, and the services included in your package. Some providers even charge high 6-figures and even 7-figure prices for their services. These types of providers are in the business of servicing high earners with very particular search parameters so don't worry, it's an extreme, not the norm. I only mention that here in an effort to not be neglectful as I do not wish to deceive anyone into thinking that such prices aren't possible...just in case you find yourself consulting with such a provider.

6) When do you want to begin services? Once you consult and decide on a provider, the next question will always be, when do you want to begin? The Matchmaker will want to know if you are ready to pay over the phone, if you wish to have a link emailed to you immediately, or if you need a few days to think things through.

Personally, I love when someone comes to the consultation ready to go that day or within 24 hours. It tells me that they are serious and committed. I even offer clients a discount for making their decision within a day. It's my gift to them for knowing what they want and being ready to act on it. I also honor, however, when clients need a little time to make a decision. Not everyone has thought about this decision for the same amount of time or had the same experience with the industry. Resolve may be something that a potential client is still searching for and that's okay. I only ask that once someone becomes a client that they are serious and committed to the process because, trust me, I'd rather someone wait and be sure than sign up immediately and not be committed.

I hope this information has helped you learn a bit more about what to expect before attending a Matchmaking consultation and I hope that you are now better prepared to schedule a Matchmaking consultation or that you feel ready to meet with a Matchmaker if you have already scheduled one.

If you would like to learn more about me as a Christian Matchmaker and the Matchmaking and Coaching services I provide for Christian singles, feel free to visit my website.

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