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What it's like working with DeAudra...

*All testimonials are true. Actual clients not pictured.*

Attractive Mature Woman

"Knock your socks off service: As I conclude my formal relationship [...], I leave happy that I met some good guys and had an extraordinary matchmaker who got me! It was pretty clear from the guys she matched me with that she genuinely listened to me and worked hard to find compatible guys.
She was sensitive, intuitive, compassionate, and real. Real in the sense that she could talk about the challenges you might face on dates and give you concrete suggestions. And after a date, she could help you work through actual situations that occurred and process them.
My matchmaker is a "glass half full" type person who consistently invited me in gentle ways to join her in that space as I dealt with Zoom dates and all the other stuff that comes with dating, especially in a pandemic. She was a class act and exceeded my expectations! I am glad I opened myself up to this experience and very glad that she was there to guide and support me.”

Middle Aged Woman

"I feel that DeAudra is working to listen carefully to what I am looking for in a partner. She is mindful of clarifying what I am seeking to make certain that she is on track with her search. I appreciate her honesty in what is required in her search for the right match for me, and her guidance on how to approach situations that may occur on the date. DeAudra is very upbeat and positive, and always makes sure that I have had ample time to share my thoughts and wishes with her during our conversations. I especially appreciate that I can clearly communicate my desire to have a husband who honors God and seeks a relationship built on that foundation, and she understands that."

Attractive Young Woman

"As a busy professional, I cannot overstate how invaluable it has been to work with my AMAZING matchmaker, DeAudra Reed, who has been an absolute breath of fresh air given my past experiences. Not everyone is patient or empathetic enough to listen to your wants and put in the extra above-and-beyond to try and deliver for you. I would imagine that many of us sign up [...] because we would rather not lower our standards just to score a match, and here is a matchmaker who not only gets it, but seems to have a keen knack for taking in your feedback meticulously rather than ignoring it. Not only that, but she always makes herself available to chat about the process whenever I have questions. With my last match, I was so impressed with how much she paid attention to my prior feedback that I just had to leave this review. She is an endless well of patience and meticulous attention to detail, and I GREATLY appreciate that I've been paired with her."

Headshot of Mid Adult Man

"My matchmaker really got to know me to build trust and understanding of my desires. She really works to find the character traits in a partner that I'm looking for. DeAudra is sweet, kind, caring, hardworking and shares advice on making a first date memorable. I would highly recommend her."

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