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Your Certified Coach and Matchmaker, DeAudra

A heart passionate about love and relationships.

A passion for service and healthy, happy relationships perfectly meshed into a life of Matchmaking and Coaching. My goal is to honor each person and their needs while providing assistance and guidance in areas that may come with resistance. With a professional background in mental health counseling, I meet the dating experience with an understanding of things beyond the surface. My work is more than a career, it's a passion-filled purpose.

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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

With a desire to help others overcome obstacles and barriers to happiness, I studied Psychology and Child & Family Development in Undergrad and began providing counseling support services in 2009. I, then, went on to pursue and acquire a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and began a career as a Therapist and Behavioral Specialist.

However, it was when I became a Matchmaker in 2018, as a contractor with the largest matchmaking agency in the country, in an attempt to supplement my income, that I was introduced to another career path and a medium that would allow me to realize my lifelong passion for love and relationships in a way that felt most authentic to me. While I continued providing therapeutic services at the time, I decided to pursue a full-time career as a Matchmaker in 2020.


It was also in 2020 that I decided to become a certified Coach which afforded me the ability to translate my therapeutic skills into coaching skills that allow me to continue to help clients overcome obstacles along their journeys. Understanding that success in love starts long before, and lasts well beyond, the point at which anyone ever goes on a date, incorporating coaching into the process is a necessity.


After years of witnessing the challenges faced by fellow believers on a larger scale, I decided to launch a business of my own in 2022 to focus on providing Matchmaking services to Christian singles. I believe that Christian singles can maintain faith values while dating and I am committed to providing specialized faith-based service to help my clients achieve their goals.

The focus of my services is on facilitating transformational life work that clients can apply to their dating lives. I specialize in helping clients regain their Faith to Find Love, increase their self-awareness, adjust their perspectives, expand their thinking, and shift their mindsets so that they can navigate their dating journeys and relationships with confidence and wisdom.


I also enjoy creating personalized plans and providing skills and tools to guide clients along their journeys so that they can pursue and achieve their goals. You need strategy to see success in your dating life and relationships too!

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