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Database Membership Agreement

Database Membership Agreement

Effective Date: September 4, 2023

Sites Covered:,, and

By submitting your profile via the SmartMatch App and/or the Dting with DeAudra/Two the Coeur website, you consent to the terms of this agreement. By accepting these terms, you consent to allow your profile information to be used to conduct a background check if/when you are considered for matching.  You also consent to have your photos, some profile information, and the first initial of your first name shared by DeAudra and Two the Coeur on private Matchmaker forums when recommending you to other Matchmakers for consideration to be paired with their Client(s). You also consent to have your first name and contact information shared in private communication with any Matchmaker who is interested in screening you as a match for their Client(s) after they have received consent from DeAudra and Two the Coeur. Your first initial, profile photo(s), and a brief bio may also be shared with any Client or Member with whom you are being considered for a match.

If you have a social media or online presence, other Matchmakers may be able to find more information on you than what is shared directly with them. By consenting to be shared with DeAudra's and Two the Coeur's professional network, you acknowledge this possibility and the lack of control DeAudra and Two the Coeur have over it.

By consenting, you also agree that any profiles or information sent to you by DeAudra and Two the Coeur or any other Matchmaker or Matchmaking Agency will be kept private and confidential. This includes not sharing details with acquaintances, contacting matches directly (unless permitted by a Matchmaker, their staff, or representatives of their agency), or posting reviews on social media platforms, other websites, or any other public spaces.

Your consent also communicates your understanding that as a Database Member, you are not exchanging any monies for services and that there is no guarantee of being matched or receiving introductions of any kind from myself or other Matchmakers. You acknowledge that free Membership allows you to create a profile to be added to the database for matching consideration only.

By consenting to these terms, you understand that Database Membership is available to you at no cost but that you may incur expenses on any date that you consent to as Clients are not obligated to cover expenses and agencies do not sponsor dates unless otherwise communicated. You also understand that even though you are not paying for these services, by recommending you as a match for another Matchmaker's Client, DeAudra and Two the Coeur may receive referral compensation from that Matchmaker at no cost to you.

Finally, you understand that DeAudra and Two the Ceour reserve the right to cancel your Database Memberships at any time and for any reason. You understand that if you are found to ever engage in services dangerously or inappropriately with DeAudra or any representative of Two the Coeur, matches, or other Matchmakers and any of their staff or representatives, or if you are found in breach of these terms in some other fashion that results in an inability to continue the working relationship in a professional and healthy manner, your Membership will be canceled indefinitely.

If you consent to these terms, please proceed with submitting your profile. If you do not consent to these terms, please do not submit your profile. You agree that submitting your profile without reading this agreement shall be considered an affirmative waiver of your right to review the Agreement. You agree that by submitting your profile, even if you have not read the agreement, you are communicating your full acceptance of the terms herein. Member has a duty to read all provided contracts, agreements, policies, and procedures and may not use lack of reading or understanding as a defense against the information shared within.

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