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DeAudra is a Certified Coach and Matchmaker and is here to help improve your dating life, guide you in achieving your dating goals, help you prepare for a healthy relationship, and find the right partner for you. Click any link below to schedule a session for the service of your choice.

Learn more about our date coaching services and how they can help you date better this year, moving you towards your dating goal of finding the right partner and more.

If you are ready to dive in and begin working with a Certified coach to address your dating problem areas, schedule this one-time session today for an action-packed session.

If you want to date successfully, you need a plan and a strategy for how to put yourself out there when dating, how to identify the right matches, and how to engage with intention.

Speak with a Professional Matchmaker to learn how Matchmaking Services can help you find the right partner, especially if you are dating with intention and desire marriage.

Get your relationship back on track with an intense, straight-to-the-issue, one-time relationship coaching session. Get help reconnecting with your partner toda.

Relationship Detailing Service

Need more intense, hands-on support to help save your marriage? Schedule a consultation today to learn if this high-level service is right for you and your partner.

What Clients Say

"My matchmaker really got to know me to build trust and understanding of my desires. She really works to find the character traits in a partner that I'm looking for. DeAudra is sweet, kind, caring, hardworking and shares advice on making a first date memorable. I would highly recommend her."
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