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Relationship Coaching

A safe space to resolve and reconcile the uncomfortable.

Schedule a one-on-one or couples coaching session to explore your current relationship needs and set goals for the future. It is my belief that successful relationships are not achieved alone. There are moments that require objective insight, guidance, and support. For that reason, I am happily here to take on the role of helper to assist you as you navigate the nuanced spaces in your relationship.

Christian Relationship Coach, Relationsihp Coaching for Christian Couples

Dating Coaching

Guidance, Support, & Insight

Dating should be an enjoyable experience! Navigating the process of dating, however, can be challenging. If you've found yourself feeling a bit frustrated, confused, irritated, defeated, etc., I'm here to journey alongside you to make dating a bit less daunting and a lot more fun. Together, we will identify areas of need and will create a plan to address them.

Christian Dating Coach, Date Coaching for Chrsitain Singles, How to date as a Christian in 2023


Outsource the work, receive all the benefits...

As a Professional Matchmaker, I take care of all of the external work of dating - searching, screening, and scheduling. If you are interested in joining my FREE database or you want to become a client, please click the button below to submit an inquiry. Once submitted, you will be redirected to schedule a video call appointment to further discuss your interest in Matchmaking as well as your dating preferences and priorities.

Matchmaking for Christian Singles, Christian Matchmaker, Christian Dating Platform, Where to find Christians to date in 2023
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