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This is a premium relationship coaching service designed for married Christian couples who are seeking support to remain married.

Do you and your partner find yourselves in a tough spot? Have you gotten away from one another, your vision for your relationship and future together, and the faith values that are meant to help hold you together?

If reconciling your marriage and forward movement is your goal, and both parties are invested in and committed to receiving relationship support, this service may help get your marriage back on track.


If you meet the participation requirements, schedule a consultation to explore how my Relationship Detailing™ service can support your marriage goal(s).

If approved, the consultation fee will be applied toward your total service investment. Otherwise, the consultation fee is non-refundable, so please be sure to read the requirements before booking.

Participation Requirements

Married, Christian Couple

While I believe that everyone deserves love and a happy, healthy marriage, regardless of what they believe, I have dedicated myself to supporting those who identify as Christian. My study, education, and practice are focused on resources to serve this population, making me less of a qualified support person for others.


Both Parties Must Participate

This type of service does not yield fruit unless both parties are engaged and invested. Providing support to one person will not change the collective issues that are present in a relationship. While individual help may be recommended in addition to this service, both parties must be present for all parts of this process. Both parties must also voluntarily participate.


Financial Investment

As stated previously, this is a premium, hands-on relationship support service that has both virtual and in-person components. Participants will meet with me approximately 4-6 times in total. Participants must be able to invest at least $5k-10k in order to invest in this service. Final investment will be determined by the resources needed to render the service to each set of clients based on their specific needs.


No Domestic Violence

To participate in this service, your marriage must be void of any domestic violence issues. I suggest contacting local authorities, mental health professionals, and/or the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233 if DV is present in your marriage.

Potential Benefits

Uncover hidden issues and allow overlooked issues to be brought to the surface and discussed in the presence of an unbiased third-party facilitator who has the tools to present solutions that can help resolve said issues.

Learn how to accept, release, and hold space for past issues as you appropriately resolve them and move toward the future.

Engage in activities and exercises, designed around your specific needs and values, that can help you reconnect with and recommit to your partner and your marriage.

Learn tools and skills to improve communication and engagement.

Set new marriage goals and establish a strategic plan to achieve them together.

Re-establish the foundation of your marriage from which to move forward and build upon.

& more.

With full commitment from you and your partner, the potential benefits are plenty.

If you decide to schedule a consultation, please share your desired outcome(s) with me.

*** Relationship Detailing™ Service Disclaimer ***

1. This service offers no guarantees of reconciliation or relationship improvement. Services will be provided. Participants will be invited to engage at their fullest capacity to give their best efforts at reconciliation. The success of this service is highly dependent upon engagement, commitment, investment, honesty, vulnerability, transparency, and authenticity on behalf of the participants.

2. Both parties are required for all stages of this service. If one party stops participating at any point, the remaining services will be forfeited so please be sure that you and your spouse are both fully committed to completing the process before signing up.

3. This service entails both virtual and in-person aspects.

     * The in-person component requires a 2-day investment of time.

Marriage Coaching for Christian Couples
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