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Christian Matchmaking Agency

Two the Coeur


Two the Coeur is a dating and relationship business like none other. At the center of our structure, there is matchmaking for Christian Singles who want to maintain their faith, values, morals, and standards while dating and pursuing partnership. The culture may try to convince you that it isn’t possible to date successfully as a Christian right now, especially while holding on to what’s true to you, but that isn’t the case. We know it may be challenging to date with intention as a Christian in today's culture but it is possible and we’re here to help. Below, you will find your options for partnering with Two the Coeur to reach your personal dating and relationship goals.


Prepare. Engage. Support.

Our three-pronged approach is designed to prepare you for the relationship you desire, assist you in engaging with suitable potential partners, and support you in maintaining the relationship once it has been established. From Coaching to Matchmaking to Relationship Detailing™️, we will be your right hand in love through it all.


  • 3-month coaching intensive

  • Dating resources

  • Monthly dating/relationship content

  • Image consulting

  • Online dating profile audit

  • Social media assessment

  • Complimentary entry to all Two the Coeur LIVE Matchletting™ events

  • Two the Coeur database access with unlimited* matching opportunities

  • Background checks of all matches

* Members will only be paired when aligned with and selected for a client based on dating criteria.


  • All Membership services+

  • Work 1:1 with a Matchmaker to find suitable potential partners based on your detailed dating criteria

  • Set number of matches based on purchased package

  • Specialized recruiting for suitable potential partners

  • Date planning

  • Date review with your Matchmaker

  • 3-month relationship support per match relationship

Ad hoc Services

  • ​48-hour Relationship Detailing™️

  • Individual Coaching

    • one-time sessions and packages available

  • Relationship Coaching

    •  one-time sessions and packages available

  • Discounted Two the Coeur LIVE Matchletting™ events

  • Dating Profile Review

  • Social Media Profile Audit

We pride ourselves on maintaining the following values:
Integrity - Transparency - Commitment/Dedication - Discretion/Confidentiality - Respect - Accountability

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