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What does love have to do with it?

While love itself isn't enough, it should play a major role in every aspect of your relationship. It should be what exists when respect is lost in the moment, when conflict arises, when frustration grows...

Love should be the glue that holds it all together no matter how strong the wind blows. It should be the fuel that drives your decision making when your emotions are running high, or low.

If you didn't know that you would need something to hold onto some days, I'm happy to have been the one to make that plain. Relationships require work, sacrifice, and commitment. Sometimes, at the end of the day, all you'll have is love to get you through the night. Embrace it.

Love, is the current on which healthy communication flows. It is the gateway to compromise and the seasoning for grace.

Love should be the motivation that helps you choose your partner when things get tough. & MOST importantly, love should be the courage and strength you need to choose yourself if the fruit of the relationship is no longer emotional wealth and good health.

Love well.

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